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Bisi's love for acting led her to join and pioneer a group known as Christ Heirs Acts and Theatre (C.H.A.T)- now InvisibleOne Inc; where she served as Assistant Coordinator.


She was first ordained Pastor and Sister's Coordinator as an undergraduate in a campus church called Chapel of His Glory in 2006. While there, she was a pastor and she mentored students for four years. She co-founded Priceless Jewels and Precious Pearls; both organizations are for women empowerment. 


In 2011, she was ordained pastor at Living Water International Christian Church (LICC), where she served as Pastor as well as a Women's Coordinator until 2018. She is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Fanimora Events and Food Factory. 


She is a teacher, motivational speaker and an influencer. She is currently serving as an ECOWAS Volunteer in Liberia. Volunteering for her is a platform to reach out to more people beyond her immediate environment, and an opportunity to serve God by serving humanity. She is a member of the Board of Directors, InvisibleOne Theatre Foundation.

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