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  • Source for team members- Reach out to individuals in the community, campuses, and high school to be active team members of the Organization.  


  • Cultivate such individuals to become committed team members. Groom team members to be leaders, who will be involved in leadership roles such as theatre management, marketing (social media, graphic designers), logistics, accounting, and administration. Develop individual relationships with team members off-campus and on-campus. 


  • Ensure to prepare necessary content (flyers) at least 7 days ahead to celebrate member's and/or leaders’ birthday on the Organization’s social media platforms & website. 


  • Provide spiritual leadership to bring team members and individuals to the knowledge of Christ. Write daily reports to be submitted on a weekly basis of operations and the general running of the organization (not summarized reports, but daily reports) 


  • Oversee theatrical (photography, video production, hairstyling, make up, sewing, make up, costume, light, sound & stage design & management and acting) training and/or development needs of team members. 


  • Maximize the advantages of social media in creating awareness about the existence of the Organization; this being achieved by consistently posting (skits, pictures, videos & graphics) on all Organization’s social media platforms. 


  • Train all members in proper handling, maintenance & care of the Organization’s equipment, props & materials. 

  • Work with the members to create bi-weekly delivery of the theatre programs (for example social media series) to capture public edutainment, engagement, and awareness of the Organization. 


  • Develop strategies to identify potential donors (individuals, companies, local businesses, churches etc.) and create relationships that will encourage donation and participation. While, developing partnership with local theatre organizations, educational organizations, relevant bodies and the public and encourage engagement in artistic activities. 

  • Supervise daily administrative operations and collaborate with Leadership in executing all tasks. 


  • Create & manage a budget and ensure it meets the financial and operational targets of the Organization. While cultivating the attitude of negotiating purchases, contracts/agreements in favour of the Organization. 


  • Coordinate the necessary advertising (radio etc.) & digital flyer designs for all purposes of the Organization. 


  • Reports to the Leadership of the Organization. 

  • Implement any other tasks as assigned. 

State Coordinator -
Role Expectations

This position requires residing in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. Housing maybe provided for this role.

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