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We care about our employees & strive to offer the best opportunities, and work environment. We strongly believe in investing skills needed for our team members to excel, lead and be creative.

We explore creative abilities and individuals who can deliver results across the organization, by listening to our team members. We work hard, reward our employees and team members, have fun and treat each other like family.

Our culture inspires innovation, hard work, collaborative working relationships and the ability to make an impact in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. All these is attained in an environment that encourages proactiveness, creative thinking, learning, growth and performance; while impacting our community & changing lives.

We are in search of individuals who are self-driven, people-persons, doers and a creative leaders.

An individual that is willing to make things happen, rather than wait for things happen.  A candidate who is willing to learn, grow and are committed to providing exceptional service to our team members.


We hire people who will be committed, enthusiastic & doing what's right and having fun while doing it!

Open opportunities:

State Coordinator Ekiti

Social Media Analyst Ibadan.

Artistic Visual Director Ibadan.

Volunteer Leader with InvisibleOne Inc, Indianapolis IN.

For the Social Media Analyst, Artistic Visual Director and State Coordinator roles, click here APPLY or use the button below to get started.


For the Volunteer Leadership role, send us an email us on how your leadership can impact the organization.  

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