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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need to submit a picture (head-shot) to participate in the audition?

To foster the audition process, especially with the judge's decision making; it is essential that the judges can remember you and also be able to match your name with your face. We will strongly recommend that you submit the picture to the email address on the registration page to complete your registration.

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Can I attend the audition without registering?

No. Only registered participant will be auditioned by the judges. To reserve your spot,

register at


Is this a Movie Audition?

No, it is a stage production in the city of Indianapolis IN.

I'm only interested in the Technical function.

Do I need to audition?

If you are interested in a technical role, send your resume and/or e-sample of your works to at least 3 days before your Tech. audition.

Also bring the samples of your past work(s) to your tech. audition to show you have the skills.

Am I going to be paid to participate in this production?

Yes. This is a paid (stipend), non-equity production. InvisibleOne Inc® is a not-for-profit organization; this production is being sponsored by our partners, and individuals in our community. 

However we also believe as creative persons this production may open up avenues for everyone involved. Thus we encourage you to collaborate, work in teams, learn and share your experiences. 

How old do I have to be to register for the audition? 

At least 17 years. If you are minor, we will recommend that you register with the help of your parent or guardian. However during the audition we will advise that such a minor is accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Where will the audition hold?

The location of the audition will only be disclosed to registered participants.

How do I prepare for the audition?

Refer to our Guidelines to know what to expect.

How Do I Get Tickets for the Production?

There are two categories of tickets (donation or paid).

You can get tickets as an individual or for a group via Eventbrite.

Limited Seating!

You may also watch via live streaming on our YouTube channel or Facebook- InvisibleOne Inc

Can I sponsor the production or partner with the Organization?

Yes. We are open to partnership and support from individuals, small businesses, non-profit organizations.

For further inquiries, visit our contact page

What is InvisibleOne Inc?

A not-for-profit Christian theatre organization, that understands the influence of art and theatre as a tool with its ability to inform and educate.


Our performances are reflections of our contemplation on Love, this life, our culture, our faith in His Son and the Scriptures. We use different forms of art to create an avenue to inform, discuss and restore a friendly relationship between you and Christ.

Is InvisibleOne Inc registered?

InvisibleOne Inc® is registered as a not-for-profit organization in the State of Indiana as well as in Nigeria as InvisibleOne Theatre Foundation


When Time Will the Play Start?

Doors open at 5:30pm EST for guests arrival. 

Doors close at 6:45pm EST.

No entry is allowed after 6:50pm EST (even with tickets).


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InvisibleOne Inc® reserves the right to make changes to the above information without prior notice

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