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Audition Guidelines



Remember to send a headshot (picture) of yourself to to complete your registration

Ensure you are on time. Audition runs between 2pm to 3pm EST 

(July 10th only) in Indianapolis.

Be prepared to “wow” the judges by giving a short monologue (act) of any genre of your choice or you may use the side sent to your email.

The choice is yours.

If you are interested in the technical audition; send your resume and/or e-sample of your works to at least 3 days before your Tech. audition. Also bring the samples of your works to show you have the skill or talent.

Once you have registered and submitted your head-shot (picture), a member of our team will provide you the final details of your audition. 

Just so you know, your audition will be recorded; first impression matters.


It’s not a job interview, so relax, breathe easy and give it your best!



InvisibleOne Inc® reserves the right to make changes to the above information without prior notice.

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