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InvisibleOne Inc® is a not-for-profit theatre organization, originally known in Nigeria as C.H.A.T (Christ Heirs’ Acts & Theatre).

We are not a religious organization.

Yet we understand knowing the Truth (a Person) changes our world view!

It opens up our minds to freedom and the ability to see ourselves as we are & what the Truth can do through us.


Our plays reflects our contemplation on Love, this life, our culture, and the Truth. We use different art forms to create a platform that will provide an atmosphere to

Tell stories that highlight the simplicity & richness of our cultures.      


Discuss issues that drives us to tell these stories.


While making it your one-stop for the arts.

We use theatre as a tool to create the environment to discuss and come to understand Love. Our goal is to create an environment where individuals can learn, grow; and then with this understanding & their innate talents impact their community.

We were established in November 2003 at the University of Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria by a group of friends who love theatre & its ability to inform and enlighten.

We performed and produced feature presentations while at the University. Yet, over the years and with this passion still burning in our hearts; we'd revamp how we reach out by enacting a non-profit organization registered in Nigeria as InvisibleOne Theatre Foundation®; and in the United States as InvisibleOne Inc®.

On October 4, 2020 we produced Mad Medicus - in Lagos, Nigeria and Indianapolis IN. In July 2023, we co-produced in Ibadan, "Lottery Ticket" with Tell-A-Tale Production. You can watch these productions & other short web series on our YouTube channel.  

Follow us on our social media platforms for up-to-date details!

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