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Artisitc Visual Director - Role Expectations

This role requires an individual who knows how to tell a story with any type of camera and  is capable of handling a variety of project types in different recording environments.

  • Brain storm ideas and relevant creative content that promotes the Organization. 

  • Film video on set and on location.

  • Work with creative teams to plan and capture performances.

  • Set up and take down cameras, microphones, lighting, props and other equipment.

  • Edit footage after capturing (colour correction, sound (Foley) & pictures.

  • Train team members the art and science of video production.

  • Clean and perform maintenance (including some repairs) on equipment.

  • Add graphics, closed captioning and special effects to recorded footage.

  • Do other tasks as assigned. 


  • Effective time management

  • Ability to work in fast-paced, rapidly changing environments.

  • Multitasking skills for working with many crew members at once.

  • Creative thinking with an excellent eye for details.

  • Work with Social Media Analyst in the effective distribution of contents. 

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills for collaborating with team members. 

  • Knowledge of post-production techniques.

  • Physical ability to move and hold recording equipment for long periods.

  • Understanding of Adobe software(s) used for editing images captured.


Be aware that this position requires traveling 30% of the time. 

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