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Program Sponsor

Young Teacher

One of our goals is to create an environment where young minds can explore, learn and sharpen their artistic skills.


Our training and programs are relevant; and ones that really grows the artistic mind.

 Consider sponsoring one of our programs or training in acting, African dance, understanding folk songs, directing,  photography, videography and more.

Send us an email for details!

Production Sponsor

Drama Students

Individuals, small businesses and corporations, who appreciate, understand & value arts and would love to support the theatre or gain exposure to our programs can do so.


The perks for such support is a variety of benefits, including complimentary/discounted tickets, recognition across our social media profiles, and more!

Interested in sponsoring a production?

Send us an email for details!

Artistic Sponsor

Artistic Support with InvisibleOne

We encourage Artistic support or sponsorship.


It provides an avenue for an actor, director, designer, or other professionals to participate and facilitate our programs, shows and/or training.

Likewise, it provides the unique opportunity for guests and partners to sponsor their choice actor/actress, crew member, director etc.


Artistic sponsorship comes with a lot of amazing perks, including complimentary/discounted tickets, reserved seating, one-on-one with your sponsored performer!

Interested?  Send us an email for details!

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