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Your opinion vs. Ours

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Welcome to Engagement!

The blog centre, where your opinion counts!

This blog is powered by members and partners of InvisibleOne Inc. Your platform to participate in a mind jostling and provoking conversations. This blog will ask you uncomfortable questions and open your eyes to other perspectives.

A lot have are changing on a daily basis in our world. Our world in 1999 is not the same as 2019, even though they are only twenty (20) years apart. And I tell you, twenty years is a very long time full of diverse form of change. In 1999, I have to pay arm & leg to just talk to a friend on the other side of the globe; yet with an app like Whatsapp, Telegram etc. as long as there is internet (data), I can now talk to my friends from the comfort of my bathroom! I remember in Nigeria as a kid, I would run upstairs to my neighbours house to receive a call from my Uncle in London. Now, I can call anyone in the UK, US and Paris, right from my mobile phone. Yes I have a mobile phone, lol.

Our goal is to have an ongoing conversations about the different relevant, life-impacting things going on around us.

Have we been lied to in the past, or are we been told half-truths now?

With the advent of the internet, information seems to be all-over (even manipulated information). Well, our goal is to make you take a look again at our world, that we all reside in, while we still at it.

We hope to keep you engaged. Share your ideas and stories with us. Will strongly encourage you to read and leave your thoughts; it really matters to us.

Just what you think, that's all!


Remember to talk to a friend about us. Yea it's okay to gist and gossip about us!

Let's keep the conversation going, we will see you at the next one.

Always remember we got your back!

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